Flash Billing [ Bar Code Billing software]

Flash billing software Helps encode and centralize all the product information in a barcode so that it becomes simple for store owners to quickly & accurately track products.

GST Compliant Invoices

Push transactions into the GST portal and directly file returns from M-retail billing software.

Purchase returns with Debit Note printing option

Using the Debit Note Printing Configuration you can configure the dimensions and details of Debit Note, you can set the size, top margin of voucher, leave space on voucher for signature or verification purpose, you can also print the full ledger details like bill-wise details, cost center details.

Inventory Management software

The benefits of inventory management software includes improved efficiency that means a business can reduce its costs and improve its competitiveness. and reduced expenses, upgraded data, warehouse organization, and ability to monitor movements of business.

Barcode Label Designer

Bar code label design is an effective way to improve the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges your business faces every day. bar codes provide a rapid, clear cut and efficient means to collect, process, transmit, record, and manage the data.


This hardware used to complete your business system.RFID used to track your assents and reduced pilferage.