MRetail team is a qualified team with ability to handle latest software product development along with maintenance and support services with ease. Our dedicated team with proven experience is available to support, maintain, enhance, migrate and upgrade all the software products as per the client request. Our meticulously developed process, models and designs allows the team to provide assistance to client in no time. All our policies and standards of security are on par with international standards that keep your intellectual property secured.

Our experience in developing in products and well maintained history made us to fully understand the demands and technical issues commonly experienced by our client and we are here to provide the best products and services as on date in the market. MRetail offers comprehensive support services to all its customers in order to ensure a smooth and reliable functioning of software products.

We have a dedicated support center for easy customer accessibility and On-demand support.

Service Process

Customers can register their calls. Any call registered at the center between 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM will be attended immediately by phone/ remote services.

Our dedicated customer support staff tries to resolve the problem either by phone or remote access.

If the call is not resolved remotely, the support staff visits the store/warehouse location and resolves the problem.

Calls are kept pending in case of any bugs reported which are escalated to the development team, and the same is resolved once a patch is released by the development team.

The calls will be resolved as follows

  • Show Stoppers within 3 working hours.
  • High Priority within 6 working hours.
  • Low Priority within 24 working hours.