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(Launching Soon)

M-Retail is an app for all retail businesses. It covers all major retail businesses like garments, footwear shops, jewelry shops, mobile shops, etc.


RTA m-Wallet

1,000,000 - 5,000,000 (RELEASED)

RTA m-WALLET App was launched by the Transport Department of Telengana on 30.03.2016.

"RTA m-Wallet" App, is a first of its kind mobile app in India, which helps motorists to avoid physical carrying of documents like Driving License, Registration Certificate and other vehicle related documents, since Certificates can be uploaded through the App. During checking by Police or Transport Department Staff a motorist can show RTA m-Wallet App on his/her Smart Phone for verification of documents instead of physical production of RTA documents. Citizens have to download the RTA m-Wallet App and register themselves by using Name, Mobile Number and E-Mail-Id, which will connect them to the Transport Department data and immediately documents of license and Registration Certificate and other documents can be downloaded on to the app. These downloaded Certificates will be accepted by police and RTA Authorities.


Ads App

100000 - 100,000 - 500,000 (RELEASED)

Ads App is designed for someone who is keen in adding value to branding and marketing. Please refer your friends and relations, which will add some earnings to their routine life and also keeps them updated with current branding and marketing trends.


Janatha Family


Janatha Family aims to create social networking which facilitates users to have access to use the services nearby , like upcoming events, expos, etc, . Users can buy tickets for the expos or event from this app at discounted prices. The app is also a platform for the users to purchase food coupons, tickets for any contests or fun games in an event.


Sportist App

Launching Soon

Sportist App is an app developed by Maram Bizapps which can be can be used by two set of groups.

1. Students who are looking for training on sports

Using this app, students can search for a coach specific to a particular location or sport. The reviews, batch timings, batch types of the desired coach are few of the information accessed through the app. The feature of choosing the coach and joining his/her batch by paying fees through the app is also available.

2. Coaches who want to train students

In the SPORTISH APP a coach can register and add the sports on which he/ she is willing to train the students on. Batches can be created according to the coach�s timings and availabilities along with batch type categories like (Starter, Basic, Advanced) Lots of information like strength of the batch, joining details, fee receipt details, batch timings and the schedules can be accessed from the app.




FnB Software is a restaurant point-of-sale system, best fit for varied F&B establishments like cafes, bars, bistros, restaurants and even small eateries. The system helps restaurateurs in efficiently handling their daily operations by automating and simplifying them to a large extent.