Sristi Jewellery

Sristi " Jewellery Software":

In this business, Jeweller’s maintain their customer’s ledgers manually in which there are chances of human error/mistakes which may lead to loss in their business. It’s difficult to remember the customer’s history if Jeweller had received any order or done any repair or alternation work. Thus MARAM BIZAPPS has designed sristi jewellery software for retail as well as wholesale business or operations. In sristi Jewellery software, inventory of customers can be easily maintained; Jeweller’s can check any previous history of the customer if he has done any alteration or repair work as it helps in tracking the sale.

Jewellery business requires the following features which Sristi Jewellery software provides.

  • Bar-coding, Periodical gold and metal rates update.
  • Customer database.
  • Automated label, item details, weight wastage, making charges, stone changes details, KDM charges and hallmark changes.
  • Provisional transactions purchase returns, sales and sales returns.
  • Ready financial statements with balance statements.
  • Unique sales analysis with salesman wise analysis, bill wise which includes bill date, weight, wastage, making charges and stone charges.
  • Complete order tracking.
  • Inventory with item creation and stone variety details. Higher user security, user level access restrictions.
  • Items gallery with slide representation.
  • The only solution with a unique item code for each item, details like stone charges, KDM charges, hallmark charges etc.
  • Total integrated accounting system with instant GST reports.
  • Barcode based stock verification without stopping sales and purchase.